sunbeams and sugardrops



I’m Shipra – Dedicated chocoholic, lover of breakfast foods, occasional purveyor of baked goods and aspiring movie trivia champion.

I think about food a lot and read about it, talk about it, and plan many many baking excursions which don’t progress past the planning stages much these days – BUT there is the dream. And one must hold on to that dream.

Things I will probably write about whenever I get around to it:

– sugar and spice
– all things nice
– and any old thing I find interesting – which is probably going to revolve around either chocolate, flour, sugar, butter or my feelings.

Good, clean fun for everyone!

So do come by and check out Sunbeams and Sugardrops once in a while.


That's me - thrilled to bits at Bouchon


2 Responses to "About"

Hi Shipra

Love your blog!!! Asha just sent me the link.

Oh thanks Helen! So glad she did and I hope I’m more regular at this 🙂

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