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Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

Posted on: December 19, 2011

December is my absolute favorite month of the year, not least because I have a birthday in it. Holidays, family, people doing lovely things for each other, eating well and just a general air of warm and fuzzies.  But despite amazing food and birthday presents and vacations, this birthday month turned out to be slightly more existential-stress-fraught than usual. I don’t think turning 30 had much to do with it – that number is not as daunting as people would have you believe.

But it’s funny how things go. Stressed though I was, and faced with the utter fear of the unknown, I found myself reasoning with myself, making choices and making micro-adjustments internally and surprise surprise. I gave myself the best birthday present I could have asked for. Peace of mind. Hard won and well earned in the end.

Add to that a few simple pleasures – people I love around me and remembering me, good food, some wholesome exercise, fun chatter, some deep conversation, good new people – I think I had one of the best birthdays this year. Just pure, simple, unadulterated happiness and peace. Not wild party happiness. Not wow amazing presents happiness. Not oh joy, everyone loves me happiness. Just…. satisfaction with life.

And turns out at my age, peace of mind is far more a girl’s best friend than a diamond ever could be.


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