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Easy as pie…

Posted on: August 12, 2010

So I like to bake…but I also find it extremely daunting. Like for example my first ever, proper, new-york style baked cheesecake which I made last year…it needed to bake in a water bath, in a spring-form pan. Every thing I read about it scared me with visions of a soggy crust. And then the first ever chicken I cooked in my oven…I was scared it would be pink inside and nothing is grosser to an ex-vegetarian of Jain extraction than undercooked meat.  And my first yeasted bread…well…you get the point.

And Pie Crust loomed above it all. The thought of all that binding, rolling, freezing, the secret ingredients in all the many recipes I came across, the time investment required –  lets just say I’ve let many a cherry and strawberry season go by with no pie to show for it. No longer! The next time strawberries show their pretty little heads in Bombay, they’re going to be pied.

So this newfound courage came with a very encouraging post on Chez Pim and just enough instruction so that I felt like I had a watchful guardian angel of pies on my shoulder. I wanted to bake a little something as a pre-birthday treat for A and his only desire is for variety i.e. something I haven’t done before. I’d had a hankering for cinnamon all month long so I decided to man up and make us a double crusted apple pie.

That recipe and those instructions made it Ea-sy! And working the flour and butter with my hands was..I have to say…pretty pleasurable. I even got to inaugurate these adorable heart-shaped cookie cutters I’d bought a couple of years ago. I love when things just come together like that.  For the pie filling I combined ideas from Simply Recipes and Amateur Gourmet, upped the spices and added a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice as I was using sweet Red Delicious apples and didn’t want the pie filling to be completely one-note, sugary sweet. I’ve got a recipe if you click on the link below. But lets just say, once it was out of the oven, we waited 47 minutes before we just couldn’t take it anymore. It looked LOVELY! I was thrilled. I posted pictures everywhere and emailed them to everyone. And we ate pie for 3 days and were generally thrilled because it turned out delicious!


1 Pie crust recipe from Chez Pim


5 Apples (I used 4 Red Delicious and 1 pear)

1 heaping tsp ground Cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground Nutmeg

1/4 tsp ground Clove

3tbs Flour

2/3 cups (scant) sugar

3 tsps raisins soaked in 1 tbs of bourbon

Splash of lemon juice to taste

Preheat your oven to 190°C (about 375°F).
Toss together all the filling ingredients – use your hands.
Line your pie dish (I used a 9″ glass pie dish) with half your rolled out crust as per the very helpful instructions on
Chez Pim.
Tumble your apple pie filling onto the bottom crust.
Roll out your top crust and place it on top of your filling. Again, follow instructions on
Chez Pim. I used some extra dough to cut out adorable little pastry hearts and placed them around the edge of my top crust.

To bake, I followed instructions from Simply Recipes. Baked the pie at 190°C for 20 minutes. The crust was pretty and starting to turn quite nice and gold with the edges a little darker. I then reduced the heat t0 175°C (around 350°F).  As per instructions, I attempted to place aluminium foil all around the edges but this didn’t really work as they all fell off during the baking process. This was done to ensure that the edges don’t burn but I figured I’d take burnt edges over burnt fingers and didn’t bother to fix the foil again.
Let the pie bake for another 40 minutes or so and then transfer to a cooling rack. Wait an hour…if you can…before you dig in.


2 Responses to "Easy as pie…"

Oh am sure u’ll get aadicted to baking and this seems like so wonderful a bake!!

Oh delicious!!

Oh thank you Mia! Yes it was delicious and to be honest I’m already quite addicted to baking. Just don’t get too many chances to practice 🙂

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