sunbeams and sugardrops


Posted on: November 15, 2006

Day 3 of General Motors diet: vegetables..fruit..and SOUP!!!

I think I might have a sugar addiction.

I dream about chocolate, bread, croissants,cake…hazelnuts covered in delicious dark chocolate, marzipan in chocolate, chocolate croissants, chocolate bread pudding, chunky chocolate chip cookies, pancakes smothered in fudge topped with berries, melting chocolate mousse icecream…


And the one person that makes me happy despite the withdrawal symptoms is nowhere near..


5 Responses to "soup"

Theres nothing wrong in dreaming about unhealthy foods … I dream of Oranges ,Big juicy Tomatos , Pinapples and cherries all night long … doesnt mean I wake up any healthier …

Knock Knock …

So did you complete the diet???
btw, i blogrolled you….

i completed it…it didnt work. must’ve done something wrong. In any case…i came back with a vengeance 🙂
blogrolling kya hota hai?

blogroll is a list of url’s that you can put up on your site. Blogspot allows you to create lists on your blog like your friends, your enemies, your fav sites etc.
chk the sidebar on my blog…

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