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Seven sins redux

Posted on: November 2, 2006

One wouldn’t expect divine retribution while still living…atleast not in the same lifetime. I was under the impression that sort of thing only happened when you die and they check your spiritual account…then some angel lets you know which way you need to go depending on how your balance checks out. And if you mix mythologies, you come back as a cockroach if you’ve been really bad.

But no such luck.

For all the minor indulgences in the seven deadly sins through my short life, payback ain’t waiting till the grim reaper comes for me. For some of us, retribution apparently comes in the form of R-ADAG and all those who work here. Am working so hard that I can imagine my groupies’ jaws hitting the ground if they could see me. This is payback for all those laid back days at ISB, and UMELB…and GMIS…and Carlson…

And man is payback a bitch…


4 Responses to "Seven sins redux"

not many of us get to go to goa on ‘official trips’ in lieu for the sins we commit

I told you its all gonna come back and bite you in the ass…. This is what you get for all the times you made me wake up in the middle of the night to finish assignments or teach you stuff …
HA ha

If you had been on this trip you would have seen how torturous it was..
Actually..if you had been on this trip…hmmm..things might have been veeerrry different 😉


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