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Posted on: October 18, 2006

* Professionally…I am doing things I have always wanted to do… things I wrote about in my ISB application essays and even mentioned in the interviews. Some days work makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because these are things that excite me and make all the rest of the mundane stuff I have to do easier to bear. Then how come I swing from loving my job one day to detesting it the next!
I don’t get it…and I really don’t enjoy how i react to people on those days when I’m hating it. I like everyone I work with..but then there are days when aaargggh…i wanna yank my hair out from frustration.

* I always thought I had lots and lots of energy…at least enough to really love living in this city. But this heat and my crazy hours are finally catching up. I am DYING for a break…i want a whole week where all i do is relax, swim, run, read, cook and eat and that one other thing I can’t mention. What i’m going to have instead is a whole week of running, swimming, lectures, home food, more lectures, guilt about the weight and pressure to get hitched…but those hugs should make up for it.

* Just heard some news that shouldn’t really bother me. Soooo many people have to deal with worse. But then this means that one of the best things about my work week is going to stop. Those nights when i’d get off work and head to town or bandra…and have an amazing evening and still make it home by 11. No more…atleast not until april..and then after that who knows. god…i hope it isn’t completely foolish to hope…


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