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yeh dosti…

Posted on: July 12, 2006

Inspired by educatedunemployed’s latest post. I started to leave her a comment and then it kept getting bigger and bigger so instead of hogging her space, here goes.

i’d have a hard time classifying my menagerie of friends but god am I grateful for them..

I love how there are some that I can not speak to for months and then just pick up where we left off without any guilt and as if we were still in the 8th grade talking on the phone after school, telling each other every little thing, trying to learn from each others mistakes but never quite managing without making our own.

And then there are the ones that share your passion for the good things in life and understand and accept you despite your dark little secrets, go on diets with you and break them on the same day you know you’re going to, are willing kitchen hands and insane shoppers, miss your insane gesticulating and make even the most boring things seem like a party.

And the ones that yell at you and fight with you but they only do it because they think you are too foolish to know better, and then..sometimes they’re right.

The ones that are there for you even though you have been unbelievably unfair and ranted and raved and vented at them when all they were doing is listening when you needed it.

The ones that DJ and bartend at your parties, get you to reveal things just by shooting in the dark, and dance till the sun rises.

The ones that were almost like family and there’s a void in your life where they used to be, you want to reconnect but real life makes it really difficult and even so you know that one day soon, it’ll happen again.

The ones that might be annoyed with you but still call when there’s trouble in your city.

The whole horde of friends that have come and gone, been around for a few laughs,a few good times and now, a drink in almost every continent if I ever need it.

The ones that wanna give your kids ridiculous names πŸ™‚

And EU mentioned something about dirty little secrets..i’d been holding one in for more than a year because I thought it would hurt a friend of mine. I finally let it out on saturday. Turns out, she had known all along and didn’t bring it up only because she thought it would hurt me to talk about it. Totally unexpected and probably one of the nicest things she’s ever done for me.

See Ford? Don’t tell me you’d give up this kind of thing for money…


27 Responses to "yeh dosti…"

I think friends are a blessing.Beautiful post.

Is it ok if I blogroll you( add a link of your blog on mine).I find that a lot easier.

Blah blah blah .. gimme me my money …

as a modification to ford’s post…gimme anyone’s money

EU: no problem at all…
and thanks for the previous compliment πŸ™‚
And guess what!!!
I remembered I once created a blog on blogspot and i apparently still remember the password! Except its too confusing still..
Ford: You money hungry freak..I love you!

you forgot to mention those friends you can go on extraordinary chocolate-soup expeditions with. hrmph.

you would think that from looking right? but you see..fellow chocolate soup aficionados fall under the category of those who share my love for the good things in life πŸ™‚

kaun hai saala…
jisne tere bachon ke naam rakhne ki jurrat kari….bahar aa kuttee…!!!!
btw…nice post…! ford…i think u shud charge her money for reading this…!
and and and…am curious…
“The ones that DJ and bartend at your parties, get you to reveal things just by shooting in the dark, and dance till the sun rises”..
…who..????????? u always left with me..!! πŸ™‚

Re: kaun hai saala…’re mistaken mister. I didn’t ALWAYS leave with you. If that were the case, there would have been no hanky panky in my life at all πŸ˜€

Re: kaun hai saala…
oh yaahhh….
btw…hv u read the latest romantic bestseller…
cant recall the author’s name…but its called…
peacock and ‘that’ night..
awesome read…you will love it…! πŸ™‚

Re: kaun hai saala…
Warikoo!! mein tera khoon kar doongi!!!

Re: kaun hai saala…
wtfff…what did i do…??? bhalai ka to zamaana hi nahi raha….
btw…there is an awesome movie just released…strongly recommended…its the sequel to the “the secret window”…
called…”the open window”
watch it…or hv u already…?

Re: kaun hai saala…
warikoo..have u heard of this thing we like to call non-dislosure policy?
that applies to friends too!!!!!

Re: kaun hai saala…
hehehe. twas ur lucky day shipri, when i happened to be passing…

Found your blog.
Hi Shipra, Nice blog you have. It beats me how I missed your blog. Normally I manage to find the blogs of ISBians. Anyway, I read all your posts starting from 2004 on sunday! Keep blogging….

Re: Found your blog.
nahi bharani nahi…yeh kya kar diya…!! apna poora sunday…reading zahen..????
go for a catscan dude…right now..!!

thanks bharani! and don’t listen to silly warikoo…i think its the perfect way to spend a sunday πŸ™‚
and the reason you missed my blog is probably because it wasn’t a typical ISB blog…i hardly ever mentioned ISB anywhere. And also because as you might have noticed..i hardly blogged through that year. Even those who I had told about my blog stopped reading it then.

Well, I didn’t spend entire sunday…:)..But it provided a good entertainment..You should blog more. You have a good writing style…
Ankur…kya karoon yaar…digging out blogs tho mera time-pass ho gaya πŸ™‚

Been through your blog twice already.You write so well.Hope to see more updates and more often.

This one is genuine..I don’t know about the one that follows.:(

Been through your blog twice already.You write so well.Hope to see more updates and more often.

wow…u write so well. beautiful tones to the entry! please keep writing. i think i am falling in love with you.

oye…both u anonymous ppl…enough with the sarcasm…
i can almost guess who you two peoples are..and i am guessing you are the same peoples.
and if my some crazy chance these are genuine compliments…then thanks πŸ™‚

wow…u write so well. beautiful tones to the entry! please keep writing. i think i am falling in love with you.

bagus sekali!
That was beautiful didi. You do write well..I know where to look the next time I need a snazzy sounding slide.

Re: bagus sekali!
i don’t know about snazzy sounding slides but i can definately help in naming objects. Helped a friend name her car yesterday…it is now called chinky πŸ™‚

Re: bagus sekali!
Hmm…on second thought, maybe you should stay away from my slides.

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