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I, me , myself

Posted on: July 6, 2006

I can’t believe I’ve taken this long to do this meme and now there’s almost no one left for me to tag!


I am thinking of absent friends and marmalade, lost loves and empty beaches, the Australian night sky and a new, exciting idea.

I said too much to too many people and its all going to come back to bite me in the ass one day…or so Ford keeps telling me!

I want diamonds…big diamonds…lotsa diamonds!! Ok no…seriously…I can’t talk about what I really want because saying it will make it real and then not having it will feel terrible.

I wish I could earn my living as a movie and food critic and by traveling to fantastic places and cooking with exotic ingredients.

I miss 4 AM trips to Taj Krishna with the Breakfast Club and my Evil Twin.

I hear very very little and listen even worse…but the right ear is the good ear.

I wonder how they get those ships into those bottles…you know the ones I mean? I also wonder, when will I learn to keep my temper and paranoia in check…

I regret none of my choices…only my lack of discipline.

I am paranoid, resilient, loyal, in love with this city and also smelling particularly lovely right now.

I dance with far fewer drinks in me than I used to need and often through the night….

I sing in cars with my girlfriends on the way home after a big night out. Singing 80s pop at the top of our drunken voices…pure bliss.

I cry for various reasons…when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m feeling too much of anything, when I want to feel nothing. It may look silly but it’s cathartic.

I write too little and nowhere near as well as I wish. I have about 4 stories stuck in my head that are soooo dying to come out and are wishing they were in the head of a better, more disciplined writer.

I confuse easily and am fooled even faster…damn that Ford

I need people and hugs and chocolate and pretty shoes and a credit card.

I should try Karaoke and this time with the microphone in my hand.

I tag

Elaine: Because I know you have time and you so need to start blogging again. And if you’ve forgotten the password, create a new blog!
Ishani: Because every guy who visits my blog asks me ‘Who’s Ishtyle? She’s hot!’


13 Responses to "I, me , myself"

They make the parts seperately. These parts are small enough to insert through the opening. They are then assembled in place using rigging lines. Basically rigging lines are threads or thin rods which help keep the pieces in place . Once onside, the piece is glued.. and then the rigging lines are taken off…
Yes .. It will come back to bite you in the ass.. I thought I gave you an example of that yesterday … What you need is a good “Wasnt me” strategy … I can help you make one … am very good at it 😉
And … there is no shame in getting fooled by the master .. and the king of all that good and nice and fantastic..
~Arbit Stranger… Not Ford

Thank you arbit stranger. I really believe thats how they are made and can now die safe in the knowledge that my information came from such a trustworthy source.
But tell me oh master…are you also the king of the ‘island people’?

You are welcome …am glad to be of service ..
Island People ??? Since I am an arbit stranger ,am not aware of this inside joke … But from the sound of it , I dont want anything to do with them .. and I am pretty sure his worshipfuleness Mr Ford Prefect wouldnt want to embrace them with his capable leadership either..
~Arbit Stranger

His worshipfulness is very much an island people himself so i’m guessing there’d be alot of embracing happening there :p

Wow, so you finally did the tag.Nice..
I confuse easily and am fooled even faster…damn that Ford
Hahahaha, so that Ford can do that you haan?He is such a harmless little creature his only weapon being his towel.

Zahen – Good comeback … Almost as good as “so are you” …
Anonymous – Dont be fooled by the harmless looking towel …Moreover I have a black belt in the art of Umbrella fighting … Ask Zahen how I used my umbrella to defend myself from creepy slimy creatures of all shapes and sizes …

Ford none of those creatures were creepy or slimy and you know it!! i liked them alot so one more word out of you about them and you’re gonna need more than your umbrella to protect you.
And thanks..i thought it was quite clever too 🙂
Anonymous: His towel may be harmless but you have to hear that voice…very very deceptive.

Well .. one of them was named after a reptilian species which can be quite venemous … and the other was named after a furry little creature which likes to nibble on Nuts …. then there was a mountain of a man who was known to have a loose screw … So thanks to you, I was always under the threat of being bitten or nibbled or sat upon or all of them…
Trillian my friend .. I know you liked them… but when the revolution comes , I will have to destroy them all …

Sorry missed putting in EU..Not so anon this one..
Im curious about these creepy slimy creatures.Second time Ive seen a mention of them.

Zahen- Are you gonna tell her or should I 😉

EU: Trust me…they are not creepy, or slimy…in fact…there are no creatures except the monkeys ford is EXTREMELY interested in. Ask him about that sometime 🙂
Anonymous who I think is Ford: There is nothing to tell so I have no idea what you are talking about!

Oooh I beg to differ ….. Trillian , you cant just cover up the entire zoo… snakes, marsupials, elephants , Pigeons, … Not that I have any problem with animals , its just that for some reason , all her animals hate me … Why I ask you Jungle Queen ….
PS: I dont like monkeys .. In any way whatsoever … I am a big fan of the African Honey Badger .

also because…
also because ishani is a bit of a love confused slut if you ask me … and if you ain’t asking – im still telling.

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