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Inspired by educatedunemployed’s latest post. I started to leave her a comment and then it kept getting bigger and bigger so instead of hogging her space, here goes.

i’d have a hard time classifying my menagerie of friends but god am I grateful for them..

I love how there are some that I can not speak to for months and then just pick up where we left off without any guilt and as if we were still in the 8th grade talking on the phone after school, telling each other every little thing, trying to learn from each others mistakes but never quite managing without making our own.

And then there are the ones that share your passion for the good things in life and understand and accept you despite your dark little secrets, go on diets with you and break them on the same day you know you’re going to, are willing kitchen hands and insane shoppers, miss your insane gesticulating and make even the most boring things seem like a party.

And the ones that yell at you and fight with you but they only do it because they think you are too foolish to know better, and then..sometimes they’re right.

The ones that are there for you even though you have been unbelievably unfair and ranted and raved and vented at them when all they were doing is listening when you needed it.

The ones that DJ and bartend at your parties, get you to reveal things just by shooting in the dark, and dance till the sun rises.

The ones that were almost like family and there’s a void in your life where they used to be, you want to reconnect but real life makes it really difficult and even so you know that one day soon, it’ll happen again.

The ones that might be annoyed with you but still call when there’s trouble in your city.

The whole horde of friends that have come and gone, been around for a few laughs,a few good times and now, a drink in almost every continent if I ever need it.

The ones that wanna give your kids ridiculous names 🙂

And EU mentioned something about dirty little secrets..i’d been holding one in for more than a year because I thought it would hurt a friend of mine. I finally let it out on saturday. Turns out, she had known all along and didn’t bring it up only because she thought it would hurt me to talk about it. Totally unexpected and probably one of the nicest things she’s ever done for me.

See Ford? Don’t tell me you’d give up this kind of thing for money…


I can’t believe I’ve taken this long to do this meme and now there’s almost no one left for me to tag!


I am thinking of absent friends and marmalade, lost loves and empty beaches, the Australian night sky and a new, exciting idea.

I said too much to too many people and its all going to come back to bite me in the ass one day…or so Ford keeps telling me!

I want diamonds…big diamonds…lotsa diamonds!! Ok no…seriously…I can’t talk about what I really want because saying it will make it real and then not having it will feel terrible.

I wish I could earn my living as a movie and food critic and by traveling to fantastic places and cooking with exotic ingredients.

I miss 4 AM trips to Taj Krishna with the Breakfast Club and my Evil Twin.

I hear very very little and listen even worse…but the right ear is the good ear.

I wonder how they get those ships into those bottles…you know the ones I mean? I also wonder, when will I learn to keep my temper and paranoia in check…

I regret none of my choices…only my lack of discipline.

I am paranoid, resilient, loyal, in love with this city and also smelling particularly lovely right now.

I dance with far fewer drinks in me than I used to need and often through the night….

I sing in cars with my girlfriends on the way home after a big night out. Singing 80s pop at the top of our drunken voices…pure bliss.

I cry for various reasons…when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m feeling too much of anything, when I want to feel nothing. It may look silly but it’s cathartic.

I write too little and nowhere near as well as I wish. I have about 4 stories stuck in my head that are soooo dying to come out and are wishing they were in the head of a better, more disciplined writer.

I confuse easily and am fooled even faster…damn that Ford

I need people and hugs and chocolate and pretty shoes and a credit card.

I should try Karaoke and this time with the microphone in my hand.

I tag

Elaine: Because I know you have time and you so need to start blogging again. And if you’ve forgotten the password, create a new blog!
Ishani: Because every guy who visits my blog asks me ‘Who’s Ishtyle? She’s hot!’

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