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Posted on: June 27, 2006

I have been asked to sell my soul…studio photographs for shaadi purposes!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!
I cannot do it…I just can’t. Even though I know it’ll give my mother some peace of mind, I can’t be a good daughter this time. I never thought this would be my story, my parents looking for a man for me to marry. But seeing as I am turning 25 and my dad has sleepless nights over my single status, I have agreed to let them look and ask our thousands of relatives to let the hunt begin. Even that is a big deal to someone who pictured being romanced and completely swept off her feet by the proverbial knight in shining armour, preferably having met him through mutual friends or something equally normal. No such luck thus far. What I have instead is parents who worry…a whole lot…and tell me all about it.
And so…just so there is a little peace, a temporary respite from incessant lectures and from the guilt over my dad’s anxiety, I agreed to let them introduce me to people. I agreed to meet with or talk to any eligible young men that they wished me to interact with. This certainly brought that temporary peace I wanted…until their anxiety escalated and now they feel the need for pictures.I’m sorry but I just can’t do it. Meeting people is one thing but having a picture of me shown around as basis for whether or not they want to meet me! wtf! what is this…catalogue shopping?!!
From the one person that my dad has wanted me to talk to, I am beginning to wonder, do my parents even know me. This guy and I had not a single thing to talk about. There wasn’t the slightest bit of interest on either side so chemistry, one can imagine, hadn’t even a flicker of a chance. So we bored each other for about 15 minutes and were so polite and ended by saying we’d speak soon which both of us knew was a complete lie. It was traumatic. I exaggerate…but not that much. And this is just from my parents trying to hook me up. I can tell this whole process is not going to get any easier now that relatives are involved. Somebody save me!!


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Your parents are right… I think its time you should get married and have lots of Kids ..
~A Well Wisher

Ha ha ha ha … I tend to agree with your well wisher…;-)
I know how you must feel… But hey atleast you get free lunch … The poor dude probably had to pay for it … So if theres a loser in the whole process , its him 😉

Nice Post … I like the way you write

FP: There was no lunch…thank the lord!!! But the way things are with and most men I eat with, I’d probably have ended up paying. *hint hint* remember mangi ferra??!!
A well wisher: A well wisher? I think not! why would anyone wish that upon me! Marriage I can sorta imagine..but god the very thought frightens me like you won’t believe!
Anonymous: Thank you…thats always nice to hear 🙂

My point exactly … If you want men to pay for your lunch , this is a nice strategy … I have some more strategies ,but I dont think youll appreciate them much 😉 … In any case being the madoo that you are , I am sure you hunt your men down and make them pay for all their sins and more *hint hint* Olives 😉

Sowwie all I can do is laugh.Been there done that.Just chill, or atleast try to.:)

Hey Zahen … You get a lot of comments nowadays… Nice to see some activity on this blog… Keep up the good work ..

Zahen … Thats a urdu name … are you Pakistani?
~Your fan in lahore

Za-hen … long time since you you updated …. are you on your honeymoon with the guy you saw ???

Thanks EU…i guess laughing is the only way to deal with this complete farce. But I dont know about chilling…you might have noticed i’m not very good with that from the ‘amusing’ interaction i’ve had with a certain FP on a certain other isb blog 😉
And FP you psycho…stop leaving bogus comments everywhere!!

What ??? Bogus … Me !!!! What are you talking about ??
BTW youve been tagged .. ha ha …
I hope donthaveaclue tags you too .. that way ull have to fill it out twice …

Ah well it is another facet of life.More you fight it, more it is going to bother you.
You pal FP is hilarious.He really comes across to me as a species from another planet.
He did an awesome job of my tag, but let me reduce your misery, no matter how many times you get tagged for the same meme, you only need to do it once.

Awww EU .. you shouldnt have told her that ….

I demand that my tagged be filled out immidiately and a copy of the same be sent to me through email and fax…

no need to get huffy now.patience bacchu!

hey Zahen…Regarding arranged marriage
Well – i went thru the same dilemma myself…wasnt prepared to go thru the arrnged marriage process cause had someone in mind and thot that that’s the way to go abt it…but u knw wat – the whole process led me to my sweetheart…
As my better half put it – your parents know you better than you do know yourself and so they would find a match that would suit your nature…
Anyways – my point is be open to your arrnged marriage thingy…u never knw -it mite work for u…as it did for me!

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