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home sweet home

Posted on: June 17, 2006

Growing up is a magical thing…except for minor inconveniences like people ruining your happy camel ride memories. But even that one can learn to deal with. What I’m loving most about myself these days is how much living alone is teaching me. I’ve become disciplined almost and my flat is actually clean and cute and I think I am quite the hostess. Funny though…I remember when I was moving in, I was cribbing to Ford that nobody would ever come and visit me in Kopar-bloody-khairane and he said trust me, people will come and there will even be a day when you will have people over and you are gonna be thinking ‘when the hell is this person gonna leave!! I want my house to myself!!’. And sure enough, that day came. And soon. And this person is a good friend who’s company I enjoy..its just that I wanted my home to myself. Not a bad feeling at all.
So even though I live in the middle of nowhere, in a society that truly reminds me of a ghetto, even though rikshawallahs never want to take me to my place of work,I have no airconditioning and suffer in the sweltering heat every night, my neighbours probably disapprove of the noises emanating from my flat and I have to travel an hour minimum to get anywhere half decent, I am happy.I love that I can cook for myself, that I can now battle lizards and cockroaches with very little screaming, that I have a well stocked bar,that people come and visit me even though I live in the middle of nowhere and that when I come home after being away for a while and the sun is still streaming in through the windows, I actually feel at peace.


11 Responses to "home sweet home"

🙂 Good to see you happy!

Ford Prefect is a very wise man … all his prophecies come true … You would do well to listen to him … Dont piss him off like you have in the past …
~ Arbit Stranger… Not Ford

thanks mr. ‘arbit stranger’. Duly noted. Its a good thing u are definately not Ford because that monkey loving freak never has anything too smart to say.

Bad things happen to those who bad mouth the venerable Ford Prefect ….
~ Arbut stranger

dude.. um.. where are you?

Am in Mumbai…well Navi Mumbai to be precise. Am working here…still have mixed feeling about that whole thing 🙂
How about you miss recent-graduate? Where are you these days?

EU says
Hey there, this blog kinda confuses me.Not used to the format.Will get past that snitch.Some lovely thoughts.I hope you write more often.Damn you live far.Kopar khairane is far.Have I said far already?Ok, I am not trying to make you feel bad.I am glad you like Mumbai.It’s ma city sistah!So you will have another regular reader.

Re: EU says
yay for more regular readers!! god knows i need them 🙂
And yes u did mention far…almost missed it but then i noticed abt the 3rd time. But I love this city anyway…and when i actually get to be in it on saturday nights…even better 🙂

enuf lies!
“…I can now battle lizards and cockroaches with very little screaming…” so that explains how you’re next building neighbors called the police reporting an attempted murder going by the amount of noise they heard

fat chance of me comin to stay with you now!

Re: 🙂
Come on now Spew. I’ll protect you from the creepy crawlies and just think how much fun we can have gossiping all night 🙂

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