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Heartaches SUCK!!

Posted on: March 9, 2006

Heartaches SUCK!!
I have no idea how to deal with them!
I mean really…why are they necessary…there should just be a pill that people can pop and get over it all and just go back to being nice, normal, happy people..
I am always sooooo much cooler before these ‘attachments’. And then one of these things happen and then I get involved and happy in them and then at the end of it all it seems to me that I’m the only one that actually cared…Even though I know its just that I’m the only one who is incapable of hiding how I’m feeling. I know its not easy for all parties involved but I can only feel what I feel and really…from my point of view…it SUCKS!!! I’d much rather just outsource the pain bit…

The only thing keeping me from wallowing right now is that its almost the end of the year…I have a job…I’ll be working in a city I love, FINALLY actually living there rather than just visiting; I have great friends and we’re having a great time…most of the time…and working on the year book is FUN!!


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