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Strip, Strap and Straddle

Posted on: September 27, 2005

Can you believe that is something that was taught in our investment analysis class? Makes me wish I had paid more attention.


10 Responses to "Strip, Strap and Straddle"

hahaha.. wait till you have to learn the call, put graphs that go with this…

have been taught apparently…dont understand too much…come here and teach me before my exams 🙂


are u kidding me? thats abt the only thing i heard in that class!! can’t believe u missed it 🙂

It wasnt as intresting as u think ….

Jaaggoo Shipra Pyaarey Jaaggoooo !
Itna Sannatta kyun hain rey..??

Wondering who posted tht comment?
Pehchaan Kaun ?
Arre Deewaano.. Muje Pehchaano..
Kahan Se Aaya.. Main hoon Kaun ?
Main hoon Main hoon Main hoon…
… to be continued

You have some great some posts up here and I would have read all of them in detail…if only u were not using the black in the background 😦

Re: Alas…
thanks for the compliment 🙂
but seriously…the black background…is it really that bad?

Re: Alas…
Oh, it’s just a personal choice…I have been a magazine journalist for most of my professional life and I have always believed that readers get put off by text on black background. But I still maintain that there is lots of interesting stuff in between your posts…

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