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Posted on: September 1, 2005

It bothers me so much to see people get away with things that are SOOO bad!

I don’t understand how people can scream at the top of their voices and rant and rave from their moral high horse against some things that other people do..and then turn around and do the exact same things they have a problem with.
I know everyone does this to some extent…mostly innocent.
But the reactions of some of these people and their compelete ignorance of their own guilt…it’s…frustrating…


7 Responses to "Cribfest…"

Yo !
I think thats the time you should say “Maaf Hai”

Who said this ??
“And too many times I find I let myself get carried away with my anger at people who mean less to me than a hangnail.”

Re: Who said this ??
Then may be you need meditation…

Re: Who said this ??
you sound exactly like someone I know…
Don’t mind my asking, who is this?

Re: Who said this ??
always insightful aren’t we?you evil dog you…

Hi babe… i thought it was high time i checked what you have been upto…i would have totally related to this feeling of yours about 6 months back… but i have taken a more.. as you would say “mature” approach… and would go with the other commenttier and say yeah.. “maaf hai”.. :).. to fogive anf forget are tqo different things… no one says you need to do both…;)

and it makes me proud to think that it’s partly because of me that you are the lovely, mature thing you are these days 🙂

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