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Posted on: August 24, 2005

So the thing with blogs is that they are our’s right? personal places to bare whichever part of our soul we please in whatever fashion we choose…
This seems to have become quite an issue on campus…there are about 8 blogs that everyone seems to read and EVERYONE has an opinion…especially those 8 bloggers about each other…
Some people have a problem with other blogs because they think they are ‘pandering’ to their audience, others have a problem with the way people write…too verbose, not funny enough, too nice..
So far the only reasonable objection I’ve heard against one of these campus bloggers is the one about trying to pass off works of fiction as reality.
This one I too have a problem with…but really…let the delusional fool have his moment in the sun.

How responsible are we for the image of our school and the way it is affected by what people say on their blogs? I’m not sure how this one should work…

I realise that this campus blogging thing has rubbed off on me in one way…I too have become cryptic, sometimes needlessly so. No more names mentioned on my blog…all initials. I noticed this on a few other blogs and decided I kinda like it…and funnily enough even mundane things seem more interesting when there is the mystery of an initial.

In other news, more is out in the open than I would like, and somethings have me confused beyond belief…but its kinda nice 🙂


4 Responses to "Somniloquy"

Its not just the initials that are cryptic .. The last line was a tough one to crack too ..

I’m getting good aren’t I? 🙂

well..not quite…! even if the initials delay the ‘breaking the code’ of the last have to realize that PEOPLE HAVE EYES..!!
not wasssaaaanpppppppp anymore huh..!!
so what…

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