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wake me from this….

Posted on: August 20, 2005

Saw a video on Vh1…the song is called Bad Day by David Powter. I love the video…it’s the sweetest thing. And the amazing thing is…i’m sure things like that actually happen to people.

Anyhow…real life:
This term is going by like a dream…and by dream I mean something hazy that you can’t really recall when you wake up.
Every subject is so boring, and every professor so dull compared to those in the last terms, I hardly even remember which professor is which.
The 2nd lot seem a little better than the first though. The new OM guy is the cutest penguinlike thing…and the new Entrepreneurship guy managed to make yesterday’s class extremely interesting so thats something.I think it might be the cases we’re doing now. The last case we did in Entrepreneurship, Alacrity, brought out something deep from everyone…probably the most charged debate I’ve seen in class yet..and our class is good with the debates and comments.
Schoolgirl like notepassing in class keeps things interesting when there isn’t any intersting CP to keep us awake.

Met my local Aikya family last night…interesting bunch of people at their place…everybody started from scratch and built themselves up to where they are now…even got to speak a little bahasa and experience the smallness of the world once again. This man knew sooo many of the people I knew in Indoenesia, frankly it was a little frightening.

In other news, I royally screwed up one assignment that I had taken responsibility for and completely let my group down, who by the way are absolute stars and forgave me. And to make up for the botched up assignment, I took up another quant heavy assignment but this time came through with some help and a lot of smart work (notice how I don’t say hard work?)

and just as an aside…the other thing that I thought was making life a little more interesting?…not so anymore…but the best thing about this term so far is that things are settling down and levelling out with a lot of people I’ve met here, some truths have come out about others, and new things and new people have become a part of my little world.


3 Responses to "wake me from this…."

it wont be long though..before your little world will not remain little anymore…!
chunnu, pappu, chintu, bunty…all on their way…!
ahem ahem…!
~u know me
ps: i heard u a lot into sports nowadays…good way to keep u fit..carry on..!!!

listen..abhi chunnu, pappu, chintu, bunty mein bahut time hai…
abhi i still have to audition dads, as you know VERY well 🙂

Audition !!! no body told me about an audition … gotta get my jacket drycleaned …BTW I dont like the name chunnu .. so we’ll have to work on that ..

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