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I am bad…

Posted on: August 11, 2005

Another day, another f&$@ up…
That song by John Mayer, My Stupid Mouth, he’s talking about me right there.
I have absolutely no filter between my brain and my mouth and I sort of like that about me…except I think this openness won’t fly for too long..
The minute I’m excited about something, those close to me can either read it on my face or I’m shouting it out from roof tops for most of the world to hear. And ofcourse, that comes back to bite me in the ass..

It’s quite a shame that in this world, nice guys finish last…coz I’m a nice guy…to the core!!!
And some effing jackasses might get away with being jackasses…oh these are the moments when I want to believe in Karma…

But then again, there are the lovely people on the other end of the spectrum…my ladies, A,E,G who I really love despite them being the WsTTC that they are…and of course A…who has been getting under my skin all week but who is a star anyway.
And S…could there be a better groupmate…he has tolerated alot from me this week..the studying for 30 minutes then taking a break for 90…good man…

Does that sound a bit like an Oscar acceptence speech? Do I care?

Anyhow…hope the f&$@ up doesn’t turn out to hope too embarassing…


2 Responses to "I am bad…"

damn that A
i think u shudnt tke shit frm A. if he doesnt treat u like a star…there is no need for u to treat him like one. saala…!!!

bad is good…
Hey.. I thought I told you what you can do to jackasses and how to get rid of the evidence later …Havent you learnt anything !!!

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