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I have just had one of the nicest, most relaxed days at ISB.
Woke up slightly out of sorts having stayed with G all night…just in case.
Haven’t done anything substantial since then…but thats probably why I feel so relaxed. Doing nothing (where procrastination isn’t a factor) is a rare luxury at ISB.
And the weather…oh the weather was perfect. The sun was out, not a grey cloud to be seen, and the breeze was soooo cool…like a perfect summer day would be…Everyone made the best of it..playing sports all day, reading on the lawns, late night walks..

I played badminton after AGES…I’d missed it terribly. It was quite a day at ISB…cricket, ultimate frisbee, tennis…E even went to the gym!! And section A finally won something non-political!!!

And I’ve been overindulging in my latest addiction…charades…even my brother joined the fun…then watched Friends with A, a movie with G, went for a walk, gossiped with people, went for a LONG walk with E, ended up at SV1 listening to and singing old hindi songs under the stars. Such fun and to top it all the sky was perfectly clear…

An almost perfect day….


Sugar Droplets