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Posted on: September 9, 2004

I’m happy to be able to say that my faith in the essential good in people has been reinforced. Just little things in life make me feel good about my judgement calls about people and reassure me that I’m not the naive fool others might see me as. I’m just a little less cynical than they are..and I shouldn’t doubt that about myself.

On a sadder note and something that kinda throws out the whole ‘good in people’ theory:
The explosion in Jakarta was scary. And what was scarier was the numbness because it seemed so expected, like such a normal part of life. 3 years in a row..around the same time.
Even though this was so close to parents’ office is a block away from ground zero and they felt the blast, I still feel so disconnected. Angry, sad…but detached.

I guess the extent of the disconnect shows in this post. I mean the first thing I thought of was my own little life and its small joys rather than the horrors around me.


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