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Posted on: August 24, 2004

The \\\\\\\\
Last Cigarette: do cigar’s count? friday..
Last Alcoholic Drink: red wine
Last Car Ride: from driving school registration
Last Kiss: last night…ian thorpe. wait..did u mean real life?
Last Good Cry: need one of those
Last Library Book: the hobbit
Last book bought: the complete novels of jane austen
Last Book Read: Much Ado About Nothing
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: The Bourne Supremacy
Last Movie Rented: who rents anymore?
Last Cuss Word Uttered: fuckety fuck
Last Beverage Drank: Tang
Last Food Consumed: teeny piece of Orange cake…
Last Crush: can’t remember what those are…
Last Phone Call: Sonali…after sooo long..
Last TV Show Watched: Special Victims Unit
Last Time Showered: this morning
Last Shoes Worn: running shoes
Last CD Played: The best of Puccini
Last Item Bought: Driving classes
Last Download: US visa forms..
Last Annoyance: freakin negative people
Last Disappointment: Stilletoes i wanted but didn’t buy
Last Soda Drank: Coke with a twist
Last Thing Written: admissions essay
Last Key Used: y
Last Words Spoken: sweet dreams
Last Sleep: last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten: magnum classic…
Last Chair Sat In: this one
Last Webpage Visited: live journal

What is with people! Why do they have so much trouble just being honest and happy!!

I see it all around me..even in people I like and respect.Its making sick..I mean literally. As I type this I can feel my stomach turn.

There are the type of people who are so filled with stupid pessimism, which really is alright if thats there choice, but then they feel the need to mock other people who aren’t afraid to be passionate and joyful and optimistic.

Then there’s the type of people who can’t ask for what they want. They try to make u feel guilty for going your own way, for not doing what they want. But then how the hell are we supposed to know what it is they want if they won’t open their goddamn mouths!!

Oh then there are people who get their kicks by trying to belittle other people..and people who pretend to not care about anything. And this is me just getting started!!!

What makes them this way?! It really doesn’t seem like a happy way to live.

Sugar Droplets

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