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Posted on: July 31, 2004

How is it possible to have so much going on in my head, so much to say and not be able to get it out?

The upside of this situation is that I get to use the word Exanimate..which is what i’m feeling. What a word! I’d never read this word before LJ and I’m a fairly well-read person. (well I’ve read a lot of books at any rate)


\Ex*an”i*mate\, a. [L. exanimatus, p. p. of exanimare to deprive of life or spirit; ex out + anima air, breath, life, spirit.] 1. Lifeless; dead. [R.] “Carcasses exanimate.” –Spenser.

2. Destitute of animation; spiritless; disheartened. [R.] “Pale . . . wretch, exanimate by love.” –Thomson.

(i’m feeling the spiritless bit)

The only spark of joy lately is brought to me by Terry Pratchett and my lame little jokes that I share with grapewine

“This isn’t how I imagined it, chaps,” said War. “I haven’t been waiting for thousands of years just to fiddle around with bits of wire. It’s not what you’d call dramatic. Albrecht Duerer didn’t waste his time doing woodcuts of the Four Button-Pressers of the Apocalypse, I do know that.”

–(Good Omens)

Armageddon in the 21st Century..hahahaha!!!


4 Responses to "wasteland"

damn……… i tried my trustworthy thesaurus to give me a simpler version of “exanimate”…. i guess it’s just not a glorified word…

u see what i mean? unrecognised…underappreciated…
It does have a bit of a depressing meaning but it sounds so brilliant, i just had to use it 🙂

Hey there girl whats happening… Yes its that Anonymous friend of yours. How’s everything been… You taking care of yourself?
So when you leaving for Canada…
Was wondering hows grapewine doing nowadays.. Have my doubts…. Anyways you would know best…

Re: Allo need to remain anonymous any longer V 🙂
Will be goin to canada for a short vacation..and if i get my US visa..NYC baybeee oh yeah !!! (also vacation)
Abt grapewine…she’s all good but i guess the best way to find out would be talk to her eh?’re u doin ?

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