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I am Super Dork!!

Posted on: July 23, 2004

And yes..before a certain friend of mine points it out..I’ll own up to it. Yes I know that “other Oscar Wilde stuff that I have loved wildly” is a really lame joke but I was in a good mood and I love lame jokes 🙂


6 Responses to "I am Super Dork!!"

Who are all these other people leaving messages? I feel like I’m reading a stranger’s blog!
And maroon 5 are a bunch of pansies (yes I know, I strongly recommended them once)… but once you listed to Dispatch you’ll forget these fools.
Here’s a quick list of songs to get (alphabetical):
Bang Bang, Bats in the Belfry, Bullet Holes, Cover This, Even, Headlights, Here We Go, Lightning, Mission, Open Up, Out Loud, Past the Falls, Railway, Steeples, The General, Time Served, Two Coins, What Do You Wanna Be.
This is mostly for the other people who read these comments, since I’m going to burn a CD for you anyway.

Re: strangers?
And dont u dare put that bit of our conversation as your away msg!!!!!

looking forward to u being creative and perhaps… putting a new post sometime soon.

a little cut and paste job..
‘I wanna leave a comment…but my minds a total blank.
I’ve been wanting to write some stuff which i haven’t been able to get out and this writer’s block has even crept into something as insignificant as my blog.’
can u believe it has now extended into freakin comments!!!
i need help and/or inspiration!!!

here is an idea… why don’t u write about ur thoughts… or maybe something totally wild….like your dreams…;)

my journal’s very PG 13..or maybe even just PG…
my dreams..well not so much 🙂

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