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Musical post 2

Posted on: July 18, 2004

And then there’s the magic of new music. An opportunity to add a soundtrack to new memories..
I love discovering a new song and enjoying it before it hits the charts and is played to death…
I heard Chocolate 2 weeks ago I think…and I liked it instantly. What made it better was that one of my best friends who’s on another continent (and who better get on LJ soon) also discovered it and liked it :)*clap clap*
So its like our song now isn’t it cupcake? And it suits us perfectly (in a non-lesbian way)!


2 Responses to "Musical post 2"

chocolate… i like…thought of having it the next time..every 2 minutes…nice… ummmmmmmm….*snaping out*…..kylie minogue(sp) has not always appealed to me… but this song…. you can taste the chocolate and the smoothness… till about 5 minutes after the song… overall …. I like…

i blogged about chocolate too! 😛

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