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Prisoner of Azkaban

Posted on: June 24, 2004

Has anyone else noticed how well Daniel Radcliffe has developed or am I the only freak around? 🙂
And the guy who plays Draco Malfoy has done well with the growing up too…

I was sadly pretty disappointed with how much the movie strayed from the book but still I admit visually this one was far far better than the first 2. But the movies dont compare to the books AT ALL. They’ve got NOTHING on them. Except maybe Daniel hehehe…no I’m only kidding!!


1 Response to "Prisoner of Azkaban"

yesssss!!!i know he has developed alot!!!!
but i still like ron, the dude has become HOT! *cradle robbing mode*
and daniel radcliff actually looks better wet,than dry.
but the biggest change of all was neville, where did his cheeks go?!?!!? *hello fbi we have a situation here*
actually i was quite impressed with the movie, the book is good,
but compared to the previous 2 efforts, this director actually
managed to make a seamless credible script from the book, instead of
awkwardly jumping from one scene to another…
i really enjoyed the movie.
do check out this site,
read the entry on thursday june 4 2002.
her words are so beautiful, if only i could
express myself as she has done,
how was the test and when are we meeting up?

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