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Posted on: June 3, 2004

Bill Maher

Was watching Larry King Live and Bill Maher was on. I hadn’t really heard much of his stuff before but I found him very refreshing. He says things that people think but are too afraid to say..too afraid it might be politically incorrect…or more likely things they hadn’t even thought of.AND he’s FUNNY!!
I guess most of what he talks about is things in the American news but then alot of the stuff the rest of the world sees and reads is also his blog‘s really worth checking out.
The guy’s a comedian and had a show called Politically Incorrect that got cancelled after 9 years. The final straw for his bosses was some comment he made about terrorists. Read the transcript of his interview on Larry King Live. Enjoy 🙂


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er.. shipra?
this is ishani!

Re: er.. shipra?
hey ishani!! how’s it goin? Such a shame you decided to end your blog…its not a permanent state of affairs i hope!

im blogging again!
i’m such a dork … 😛

bill maher is on larry king live all the time…guy loves him…i’ve seen him on the show at least 5-6 times.
and i’ve always thought the same thing…he’s refreshing and different…
cool guy.

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