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Posted on: May 9, 2004

Esprit de l’escalier

Esprit de l’escalier is a wonderful new expression I’ve learned today. It means “staircase wit” which “refers to that infuriating situation in which you leave a drawing room and are halfway down the stairs before you suddenly think of that devastatingly witty comment you could have made. More generally, it’s any sparkling remark you wish you had thought of at the time but were too slow-witted to produce.” (Michael Quinion)
Isn’t it an amazing little expression? Who hasn’t had that feeling at some point in their lives? Happens to me often enough that this expression feels like it was intended for me:).

So i’m off to Singapore for a few days…my brother is gonna meet us there before we all head back here. Gonna be seeing him after a long time and I can’t wait. I’ve missed him alot.

Anyway..ciao y’all.

PS. To all the plastic cover people, my comments weren’t derogatory in nature. Hope you all understand.


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Yo !
got bored of reading the same shit day after day..
where are u these days..?
dont u knw thts its a sin not updating the blog for so long.?
so now tht u knw abt it dont be a party to it for long and write something.. there are days when few ppl with some hope in their heart open this page up and its equally heartbreaking finding the same thing written.
Anyways its ur life and ur driving it..

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