sunbeams and sugardrops

Posted on: May 6, 2004


Googlemania takes over: Check out what Google thinks of you, your friends or anything at
Quite a good laugh…I especially liked what Google had to say about my brother Shreyans. “Shreyans is a pioneer to utilize black liquor from wheat straw in fluidized bed recovery plant”. The secrets that boy has!!! I’d never have known this about him if it wasn’t for Google! Thank you Google for bringing us closer!

People..I have to say this. I’ve been doing some practice GMAT tests..and my score has improved considerably.120 points higher. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that those were meant to be easy tests. Nah…lets all just believe that I’ve improved 🙂

Most people wont understand what i’m about to say next. I’M GOING TO WATCH MAIN HOON NA TONIGHT!!! Oh Joy!!!


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instead of typing, either type in,
or use html to make it a link….easier for the readers…who hate cutting and pasting.

Re: hyperlink
thanks..i was wondering why that didn’t show up as a link. How would one html it?

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