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Posted on: May 5, 2004

Unsung Heroes

Reason for absence: Studying Overtime. A rare and wonderful new experience for me.

But while i’ve been away, some random yet noteworthy thoughts have crossed my mind (ha!).

Such as the sub par utilisation of and/or recognition given to some brilliant actors. Daniel Day Lewis is one of them. I understand he doesn’t have many movies because he chooses not to but man that guy is brilliant. He has this quiet, reserved exterior but there’s raw power underneath. People..go rent Last of the Mohicans and Gangs of New York!!

And then there’s Gary Oldman. I almost dont know what that man really looks like. He’s in Airforce One as Lead Terrorist. In The Fifth Element as Main Human Bad Guy. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula as Dracula (A Vampire that needs a serious makeover..I mean meet Angel. Thats what a vampire should look like!!). In Hannibal as Guy With Chewed Up Face. Oh and as Actor with the Spraying Problem on Friends. And you almost wouldnt know it was him in any of these roles until the credits rolled up.

And finally..Ed Harris *swoon*. The man is gorgeous!! Although thats not what I want to talk about. He has been is so many movies in such different roles and he has been brilliant in all the ones I’ve seen. The brilliance is in the fact that he becomes the role he’s playing. He plays them so well. I fell in love with him in The Rock as General Hummel. Some of his other roles have been as Figment Of Imagination in Beautiful Mind. Nazi SuperSniper in Enemy at the Gates. Control Room Guy in Apollo 13. Control Room Guy in The Truman Show although very different control room. And Dad in Stepmom. The guy gets a lot of roles obviously but he deserves more recognition. An award or two. Magazine covers. That type of thing.

K..i think this has been a long enough break. Back to the books.

A parting thought for the day:

“When Mister Safety Catch Is Not On, Mister Crossbow Is Not Your Friend.”
(Terry Pratchett, Night Watch)


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From the formating of your quote it looks like you already knew about the TPQF…
Did I just give your secret away?

Re: format
Adding one to the Slaps for Shreyans List..

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