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deep fried cheesecake??

Posted on: April 29, 2004

what are they thinking of up in minnesota? And I thought deep fried Mars bars were insane.
I saw this on an episode of Cook’s Tour..which btw is one hell of a show.
Now that is a direction that my life could have taken..perhaps still may..someday in the future.Aah to be a chef..the toil..the heat..the burns..its a wonderful life.
A chef once said this about his menu, “my soul on a piece of paper”. Now that is a beautiful thing.
Anthony Bourdain could be a new role model for me. Travelling,eating,drinking..And making money doing these things.Is that living or what!!
My latest challenge in relation to live journal is the use of html to change fonts etc. I have never in my life done anything of this sort so its kinda interesting. I’m gonna try something.
mmm..cherry pie!
Small experiment to be sure but with any luck, thats gonna be cute and bright red.

PS. the reason for the guilt is insane phone bills..AGAIN. And more specifically..the fact that the insane phone bills have been discovered by higher authorities.


3 Responses to "deep fried cheesecake??"

mmmm…could I get a diet coke with my order of instantheartattack please?
So who were these phone calls to? And how big a bill are we talking here?

journal page
Also…your page seems a bit boring, don’t you think?
Spice it up!

Re: journal page
do u mean boring look-wise or content-wise?
look wise..i’m gonna be trying a few different things at some point. learning some new some things. Btw do u realise that the bit in bright red..i did that using things such as etc etc?!!! as well as the spaces..those were accoplished by the use of . I tried the same thing for the subject, you make it larger..but html apparently doesnt work for the subject space.
And content wise..well we’ll just have to wait and see what comes along..the peacock is otherwise occupied.
On the other hand..any reccomendations re:Spice are always welcome.

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