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Posted on: April 28, 2004

“He calculated the number of bricks in the wall, first in twos and then in tens and finally i sixteens. The numbers formed up and marched past his brain in terrified obedience. Division and multiplication were discovered. Algebra was invented and provided an interesting diversion for a minute or two. And then he felt the fog of numbers drift away, and looked up and saw the sparkling, distant mountains of calculus.”
(For those who haven’t had the pleasure, this was Detritus in Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett)

As terrified as the numbers are of him..thats how terrified I am of them. The world of numbers has never been one that I have adapted well too. Numbers interest me but they make me feel extremely inadequate. Being around people who enjoy and understand math makes me feel like I’ve walked into an exclusive math party..and I wasn’t invited. Security will be showing me the door any minute now.

And this is not a good way to be..especially now. I’ve been studying to take the GMAT..and I took it. And the score’s not even worth mentioning. So I need to get cracking once more. Get to know the pages of my math book intimately. Find some way to develop the brain of Detritus stuck in a glacier.

PS. Appropriate song choice I feel..very empowering!


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WHAT!!! where are the paragraphs!!! what happened to the indents? this ain’t right!!!

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